Nebula/Supernova Nails

Nebula/Supernova Nails

Galaxy print things have been big for a while now, and today as I was thinking about outer space, I decided to attempt to replicate its beauty on my fingertips. Thus, this little tutorial was born.
P.s. I apologize for the sort of crappy picture quality, next time I will remember to use a real camera.

Step 1: Paint your nails with a shiny purpley blue base color, something that reminds you of space. I used Tempest by china glaze. (Let dry completely before next step)

Step 2: Paint some silver specks on top, that vaguely resemble stars. I used Grey/Silver by love and beauty (the forever 21 brand) (Let dry completely before next step)

Step 3: Glitterify. Use as many different colors of glitter nail polish as you want, and paint that galaxy on your fingertips. I used All About You by sinful colors, Nail Junkie by sinful colors, and Pink Promise by sally hansen. I also added a tiny tiny bit of actual straight up loose craft glitter to give it dramatic flair, which is completely optional. At this point, its better if you don’t let it dry completely with each application of glitter polish, but do let it dry as best you can before the next step.

Step 4: Top coat. Cover it with a top coat, to help everything bond together, shine, and stay smooth to the touch. My preference lies with the one made by OPI.

So there you go! Nebula/Supernova nails, inspired by outer space, that also remind me of Mardi Gras. (I think its the crafting glitter) I would also like to point out, that a much simpler, less out there option would of course be to stick with one application of glitter polish that gives it a milky, shimmery, starry look. That way you still have space, just with less imploding/exploding. c:


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