Heroes of Young Feminism

Feminism is of course not really a young movement in and of itself. However, there is a new generation of young women, my generation in fact, rising up to speak their minds and stand up for their cause in thoughtful and creative ways. They are using social media to do more than talk about their breakfast. They are utilizing the platforms most available to them, such as instagram and tumblr, to talk about what they believe in, share it with others, and start important conversations, and its beautiful. I want to highlight three of these young women specifically, who have quickly become my heroes, and share what they’re doing with you.

Tavi Gevinson 

Tavi gevinson became famous at the ripe age of 12, for her blog “Rookie” which started with a focus on fashion, and quickly shifted to a creative approach on pop culture, feminism, and so much more. It features many authors and focuses on an incredible range of topics, all of which will appeal to the mind of the teenage girl. Her blog has been a great source of inspiration for many young women, including myself.

Check out the blog here: http://www.rookiemag.com/
Check out Tavi’s personal instagram here: https://instagram.com/tavitulle/

Amandla Stenburg

Amandla Stenberg became famous particularly through her role as Rue in the ever popular Hunger Games series.  In April of 2015, she published a video discussing the cultural appropriation of black culture to her tumblr, and ever since has been using social media as a platform to end stereotypes about african americans and talk about feminism from the perspective of a black woman. She has also recently helped start a group called the “Art Hoe Collective” on instagram, which focuses on creating a safe space to empower people of color and highlight their creativity and ideas, as well as end stereotypes.

Check out her instagram here: https://instagram.com/amandlastenberg/?hl=en
Check out her tumblr here: http://amandla.tumblr.com/
Check out the Art Hoe Collective here: https://instagram.com/arthoecollective/

Rowan Blanchard

Rowan Blanchard became famous through her role in the spin-off series Girl Meets World, playing the daughter of characters Corey and Topanga from Boy Meets World. She recently responded to a question on her tumblr about the difference between what is known as “white feminism” and “intersectional feminism” in an incredibly well written and intelligent way, and has been applauded by many for her response. I am excited to hear more from Rowan on such subjects.

Check out her instagram here: https://instagram.com/rowanblanchard/?hl=en
Check out her tumblr here: http://rowanblanchardxx.tumblr.com/
Check out her response to the feminism question specifically here:


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