DIY: Glitter Letter Banner

I recently was inspired by something I saw at, and decided to create my own version of it. See the original here:

I thought it was such a cute idea for a banner, and a really fun way to leave yourself an empowering message to look at often. I also just loved the fringe and glitter combination. (Gliiiiittteerrrrr *shiny eyes*) I knew right away I was going to have to make my own version, which you can find below! It was a very inexpensive craft, cost me less than $5.00 total to make. However, I will say it was rather time-consuming to create, simply due to some of the tasks involved. If you decide to give this craft a try, and make your own banner, please leave a comment and show me how yours turned out!



  1. Glitter paper, from my local d0llar store
  2. Cording by Bead Landing, found on sale at Michael’s
  3. Curling ribbon, also from my local dollar store

What I Did:

I free-handed stencils of the letters, using standard typing paper. I will warn you now, I free-hand nearly all of my measurements. If that method works for you, wonderful. If not, obviously feel free to measure away, and I’ll try to give some rough measurement info whenever I can.

I taped the stencils I cut out on to the glitter paper to hold them in place as I cut my letters. You may want something more stable such as cardboard for your stencils, which I’m sure would also work fine. Alternatively, you could make the letters themselves out of cardboard. Decorating could include paint, decopauge, glitterifying them yourself, or some other method. In my case, I was able to fit about 3 letters per sheet of glitter paper, with a little bit of room to spare. My letters are around 5 1/2 inches tall.


I cut the ribbon into several strips, and began tying them to the cord. My ribbon strips were around 14 inches long. I knew the curling would shorten them quite a bit, so I made them significantly longer than my letters. I would like to point out that there are infinite methods for making the fringe part of the banner. You could use fabric ribbon, cord, yarn, tissue paper, wrapping paper, scrapbooking paper, cardstock, etc. The nice thing about crafts like this is that it is really not necessary to use specific supplies. They are very open to interpretation, and you can achieve the result you want with pretty much whatever strikes your fancy.


I used regular craft scissors to curl all of my ribbons. It resembled some kind of Christmas decoration at this point. On that note, the curly ribbon cord could totally be a used as a decoration by itself for Christmas or a party. Inexpensive and pretty is the way to go people! I will point out though that what you save in money, you’ll likely make up for in time, at least in this case. Tying all of the ribbon strips to the cord took quite a while, it took me well over an hour. Lets be honest though, if you’re into crafts, you probably don’t mind spending a little bit of time on it. The process is part of the fun!


Next I taped the letters to a cord of equal length to the one I used for the ribbon. I would reccommend using two separate cords, one for the fringe, and one to hold the letters. This way the letters are on top of whatever you use for fringe, instead of inbetween the fringe.


I then tied the ends of both cords together, and hung it up on my wall using thumb tacks.


I will admit that it didn’t turn out exactly as I had originally pictured, but I am still pretty satisfied! Once again, the thing I love about this type of craft is that it’s open to interpretation, and it becomes it’s own unique little thing every time you make it. Exact copies are nearly impossible. It brings some sparkle to my desk area, and reminds me to stay wild. *Warning: Sappiness ahead* Don’t let the world tame you, and mold you into a shape that always fits in a box. *Can’t Be Tamed by Miley Cyrus starts playing in the background* I am serious though. Be your own beautiful selves darlings!




Hello everyone! It has been nearly a year since I last posted. If you were totally dying for more content from me (which I somewhat doubt), I am very sorry! All I can say is that life gets crazy, and while I do enjoy blogging, it is not my #1 priority. Now for the good news! I am back, at least for the Summer. I just have so many crafty escapades planned for Summer break that I couldn’t not share them with you! If I think I can keep it up, I may continue into the school year, but no promises there. For now though, crafts here we come!


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Heroes of Young Feminism

Feminism is of course not really a young movement in and of itself. However, there is a new generation of young women, my generation in fact, rising up to speak their minds and stand up for their cause in thoughtful and creative ways. They are using social media to do more than talk about their breakfast. They are utilizing the platforms most available to them, such as instagram and tumblr, to talk about what they believe in, share it with others, and start important conversations, and its beautiful. I want to highlight three of these young women specifically, who have quickly become my heroes, and share what they’re doing with you.

Tavi Gevinson 

Tavi gevinson became famous at the ripe age of 12, for her blog “Rookie” which started with a focus on fashion, and quickly shifted to a creative approach on pop culture, feminism, and so much more. It features many authors and focuses on an incredible range of topics, all of which will appeal to the mind of the teenage girl. Her blog has been a great source of inspiration for many young women, including myself.

Check out the blog here:
Check out Tavi’s personal instagram here:

Amandla Stenburg

Amandla Stenberg became famous particularly through her role as Rue in the ever popular Hunger Games series.  In April of 2015, she published a video discussing the cultural appropriation of black culture to her tumblr, and ever since has been using social media as a platform to end stereotypes about african americans and talk about feminism from the perspective of a black woman. She has also recently helped start a group called the “Art Hoe Collective” on instagram, which focuses on creating a safe space to empower people of color and highlight their creativity and ideas, as well as end stereotypes.

Check out her instagram here:
Check out her tumblr here:
Check out the Art Hoe Collective here:

Rowan Blanchard

Rowan Blanchard became famous through her role in the spin-off series Girl Meets World, playing the daughter of characters Corey and Topanga from Boy Meets World. She recently responded to a question on her tumblr about the difference between what is known as “white feminism” and “intersectional feminism” in an incredibly well written and intelligent way, and has been applauded by many for her response. I am excited to hear more from Rowan on such subjects.

Check out her instagram here:
Check out her tumblr here:
Check out her response to the feminism question specifically here:

National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month

January is National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month. Prevention starts with awareness, so I wanted to make a post about this. Human trafficking is the illegal trade of human beings, mainly for the purposes of forced labor and sex trafficking. Human trafficking is the fastest growing criminal industry today, with an estimated 27 million in bondage across the globe, including right here in the USA. There are more slaves in the world today than at any other point in human history. Now, you may be asking yourself, “Whoa man, that’s insane. What can I do to help raise awareness and bring an end to this craziness?” Well chillax man, because I’m gonna tell you.

You can start by educating yourself. I recommend checking out the A21 campaign, which can be found here –,  as well the End It Movement, which can be found here – Both are great organizations that offer more information. For some basic facts, check out this article from –

Second step: Passing on the information! Do some research, share this post, write your own, write a status, tweet about it, tell your dog, tell your mom, tell your hairdresser, your hairdressers mom, and your hairdressers moms dog. You can be casual about it. Just say something simple like this: “Hey man did you know that January is National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month? I read online that there’s an estimated 27 million people in slavery all over the world, right now! Crazy right?” See? It’s actually not too hard, I believe in you. Even if you just tell one other person, that totally counts.

Third step: That’s actually all I’m asking you to do. If you took the time to read all of this, that warms my heart. If you took the time to checkout the websites I mentioned, maybe gave their Facebook pages a like, or better yet did your own research? That warms my heart even more. If you feel inclined to go even farther than that, and choose to donate or volunteer in some way, that’s totally rad of you. Truthfully however, the first thing we need to do is make sure everyone knows that Human Trafficking is a real thing. So if you take up the courage to start a conversation about Human Trafficking with someone, you’re actually my hero.
A favorite quote of mine is this:
“I raise up my voice not so that I can shout, but so those without a voice can be heard.” – Malala Yousafzai
That right there – that’s what this is all about. So please, if you have a chance, share this information, and raise up your voice, so that those who are in slavery across the globe, who need someone like you to speak for them, can be heard.

Thank you tons.
Peace and love to you, Meghan

Hello, and welcome to The Daisy Teacup!

Let me just tell you a few things about myself! My name is Meghan. I am a college student, on my way to earning a bachelor’s degree in nursing. If you’re into the zodiac signs, I am a Leo. I love doing arts and crafts in my spare time, which will be the subject of the majority of my posts. I enjoy doing arts and crafts because they allow me to bring color and joy to my life, and provide a way to decorate the space I live in so that it sings to my soul.

I do a lot of miscellaneous crafts, and also occasionally scrapbook, sew, draw, and paint with watercolors or acrylics. I really enjoy putting together costumes for things like Halloween and my local Renaissance Festival. Other things I enjoy include: tea (hence the name of this blog), dancing classical ballet, reading, traveling, hiking, the beach, and of course, spending time with the people I love. I hope you enjoy my blog, and look forward to crafting with you!